PhD Funding Deadlines: No time!

I, like many of my fellow students on MA History programs, aspire to the completion of a PhD in my field. However, with the application deadlines for funding seeming to get earlier every year, I wonder how we are to be expected to produce quality applications in time for the deadline.

As those of us more in need of full funding are less likely to be able to afford a break in employment/funded study between an MA and PhD, we are under increased pressure to apply for a PhD whilst studying for our MA. Only six weeks into my chosen MA course, I find myself already concerned that I am behind on thinking about my PhD thesis topic and preparing the extensive application form for research council funding.

If the purpose of an MA is to prepare students for PhD study, allowing time and providing the necessary resources for the development of research ideas then why are students pushed to make a decision about future research so early? I now find myself in a position where I risk spending too much time on PhD ideas, thus neglecting my MA work, or having to try and find meaningful employment for next year and postponing PhD study. If this is not discouraging for students from a poorer financial background I do not know what is!

With the current fees debate, and the introduction of limited loans available for MAs and PhDs, should we also be considering the ways in which we compete for research council funding, and the impact of such an early deadline for applications? Is not the value of an MA limited if one is not given time for the development of thoughts and research?


Exploring London: The Wallace Collection

For those of you who live in the London area, or are simply planning a visit, I would like to recommend The Wallace Collection in Marylebone.

Whilst by no means an unknown collection, The Wallace Collection is often overlooked as a place to visit in favour of the larger Museums and Galleries of London such as the British Museum, V&A and the National Gallery, to name but a few. I too was guilty of ignoring the Wallace Collection until a few year ago, choosing to repeatedly visit the same larger institutions instead of exploring the smaller, unique collections of London I had yet to discover.

The Wallace Collection is home to an incomparable Armoury which is enthralling, even for those of us who are not military historians. In addition to this, The Wallace Collection’s Art Gallery includes sculpture, ceramics and a fine selection of paintings, including works by Turner, Rembrandt and Rubens as well as a number of other celebrated artists.

Open every day from 10am-5pm, apart from 24-26 December, with free admission including the exhibits, The Wallace Collection is not worth missing out on!

For more information, go to

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 17.45.32
The Wallace Collection Armoury

First Post.

Hi! Welcome to my new blog! I have never done this before so you will have to be patient while I get used to this!

The purpose of this blog is mainly to allow me to share the interesting things I find whilst studying as well as the history related things I get up to in my free time. I hope you find it interesting and enjoy learning a little more about history in the process!

Robyn x

A Goose at Caerphilly Castle, May 2016. This is one of my favourite castles in the UK, I visited it as a child with my grandparents and have great memories of the day out. More photos to follow in a future post!